JSDoc Toolkit Questions

Can I use a custom version of the JSDoc Toolkit?
Sure, you can force the JSDoc mojo to use a JSDoc Toolkit version other than its own by using the jsdocHome configuration property to point in a JSDoc Toolkit distribution directory in your filesystem.

Can I use a custom JSDoc template?
Yep, check out the template configuration property.

JSLint Questions

Can I use a custom version of JSLint?
Absolutely. You can force the JSLint mojo to use a version of fulljslint.js (either because a more recent version is available or you need some extra functionality) stored in your filesystem using the jslintJsFilePath configuration property. You may also want to force the plugin to use your own version of fulljslint_init.js (used to "drive" fulljslint.js, check out the CVS for it) using the jslintInitJsFilePath configuration property.